How to Make an Indie Feature

How to Make an Indie Feature

Author: Dennis Lanson

When filmmaker Victor Gaines has his script rejected for the umpteenth time, he resolves to make his film Roadkill on his own. In this "memoir" about his ensuing trials, and triumphs, he has his negative stolen and finds himself lied to by a wide assortment of unscrupulous producers. He forges a family enterprise of actors and crew, all working for nothing, on a noirish tale about two men who are doubles, one a history teacher running from his wife with a student lover, and the other a murderer.

A lightly fictionalized telling of the author's actual experience. A must-read for all would-be filmmakers, and an insightful exploration into the passion of the creative psyche.


Required fiction for any gonzo auteur sentimental about the dusty days of filmmaking.

Edie Meidav, author, Kingdom of the Young and Lola California

A wonderful book that is at once a cautionary tale and an exhortation for independent filmmakers.

Stephen Billlias, author of The American Book of the Dead and Quest for the 36

Anyone who has tried to create a project that requires the participation of others will connect with this story in a heartbeat.

John Scherber, author of ThInto the Heart of Mexico and A Writer's Notebook

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