Bookstore on the Seine

Bookstore on the Seine

Author: C. L. Hyndman

A cryptic message found in a bookstore. A past full of heartache and loss. The revival of questions stemming from the long-ago disappearance of a friend. These elements combine with political conspiracies and perplexing riddles as Jordan Dunleavy sifts through his memories to uncover the answers to mysteries concealed.

After the death of his beloved wife, Lucy, Jordan is haunted by the nagging feeling that ghosts from the past are never truly buried.

Now, from his California ranch to a bookstore in Paris, Jordan's journey sets him on a path toward unearthing the past—secrets his deceased wife kept from him for forty years—and secrets surrounding the fate of his best friend, whose vanishing while on the hippie trail in 1970s Europe may not be quite what it seemed.

Inspired by his own travels to New York, Greece, Turkey, and beyond, C.L. Hyndman blends mystery, irony, romance, and conspiracy theories in a stimulating novel that deftly interweaves past and present.


In Bookstore on the Seine, Carl Hyndman effortlessly and charmingly evokes a time of endless possibility, intrigue, romance and adventure—the 60s! His characters live through those turbulent times in a wide-ranging novel that leaps back and forth between present day and tumultuous past... A poignant, nostalgic, and exciting look at a time of innocence abroad. A thoroughly enjoyable fictional romp through recent history, seen through the eyes of those who lived it.

Stephen Billias, author of The American Book of the Dead and Quest for the 36

A remarkable mystery novel that somehow also evokes a whole era of the 70s and beyond. Readers will expectantly hope that C. L. Hyndman quickly follows up his first novel with another gem.

GMK (Amazon review)

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